Dong "Danny" Xu, PhD
  Principal Investigator, Graduate Program Director
  Dept. of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  College of Pharmacy
  Idaho State University
  1311 E Central Dr.
  Meridian, ID 83642 USA
  Office: 752 / Labs: 759, 760, 762, and server room 
    Our lab members include undergrads, graduate, and professional PharmD students.
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Shaikh Emdadur Rahman Graduate Student 
Yuying Huang Graduate Student 
Aoxiang "Oliver" Tao Graduate Student 
Steve Flynn Professional Pharmacy Student 
Alex Ham Professional Pharmacy Student 
Megan Echevarria Professional Pharmacy Student 
Peter Economen  Professional Pharmacy Student 
Hung Dang Professional Pharmacy Student 
Roy Johnson Professional Pharmacy Student 
Grayson Bosen Professional Pharmacy Student 
Matthew Caylor  Undergraduate Student 
Yasuhiro Shinohara Undergraduate Student 
Showing 12 items