Dong Xu, PhD
Assistant Professor/Principal Investigator
College of Pharmacy
Idaho State University

Adjunct Research Faculty
Boise VA Medical Center

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Dong Xu Principal Investigator Everything :) 
Kevin Wu Alumni HA Docking 
Jeff Sung Alumni HA Brownian Dynamics 
Darwin Fu Alumni HA Brownian Dynamics 
Nicolas Sawaya Alumni AutoDock2MMGBSA 
Hsing Pao Alumni HA MD Simulations 
Lily Cheng Alumni NA Docking 
Rance Shaw Graduate Interferon Protein Pharmaceutics 
Andy Coombs Undergraduate Carbonyl reductase 
Madison Block Alumni Biofilm, Anti-baterial 
Cameron Wilcock Alumni Molecular Visualization 
Matthew Caylor Undergraduate GPU coding and Lab Sysadmin 
Sam Battey Undergraduate Natural product, Sage brush 
Adam Ehrlicher Alumni GPU MD Benchmark 
Ashley Magin Undergraduate Interferon 
Rachel MiIlam High School Student Molecular Visualization 
Nikolai Smolin Senior Research Scientist Everything :) 
Aaron Gardner Alumni DNA MD 
Garrett Mathews High school student intern Homology Modeling 
Greg Maloney Undergraduate TBD 
Daniela Olivas Undergraduate TBD 
Kate Jette Undergraduate TBD 
Kevin Brown High School Student Intern Steered MD Simulation/AFM 
Andrew Smith Undergraduate TBD 
Parker Moore High School Intern SMD/AFM 
Showing 25 items