Software and Databases

    GPI-Encoded FDA Adverse Events Reporting System for Improved FAERS Data Quality and Query Performance.

  • TargetSearch
    An Integrative Cross-Database Web Service for Drug Discovery, Drug Re-purposing, and Drug Safety Research.

  • ProDock
    A 3D Visualization Enabled Web Modeling Environment for Rapid Structure-Based Small-Molecule High-Throughput Virtual Screening and Protein-Protein Docking.

  • Serotonin Expanded Bioactivity Matrix (SEBM)
    Culbertson VL*, Echevarria MM, Bosen GC, Caylor ML, Rahman S, Xu D*,
    Implications of Off-target Serotonergic Drug Effects - A Bioinformatics Molecular Analysis of Serotonin Syndrome Reports. Int'l J. Clinical Pharmacy, 2018. (under review)

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