PharmD Courses
PHAR9926       Pharmacokinetics and Pharmaceutical Calculations (P1 year)
PHAR9924       Physicochemical Basis of Drug Action (P1 year)
PHAR9905       Intro to Clinical Problem Solving (P1 year)
PHAR9906       Clinical Case Studies (P2 year)
PHAR9971       Capstone Pharmacy (P3 year)
PHAR9910       Dean's Recitation (P1 year)
PSCI4438        Pharm. Sci. Research for PharmD Students (P1 - P4 years)
PSCI9938        Independent Problems in Pharm. Sci. for PharmD Students
PSCI9992        Special Topics in Pharm. Sci. for PharmD Students

Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Science Graduate Courses
PSCI6670        Computer-Aided Drug Design I
PSCI6671        Computer-Aided Drug Design II
PSCI6620        Principles of Drug Design
PSCI6605        Critical Literature Evaluation
PSCI5508        Responsible Conduct of Research
PSCI6603        Scientific Communications
PSCI6601        Graduate Research Seminars
PSCI6682        Independent Problems in Pharm. Sci. for Graduate Students
PSCI6650        Thesis Research
PSCI6698        Dissertation Researchduate Students

Undergrad Courses
General Chemistry I and II
Physical Chemistry I and II
Physical Chemistry Lab

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