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Backup to ACD Amanzon Cloud Drive

posted Jan 13, 2016, 5:53 PM by Danny Xu   [ updated Jan 14, 2016, 1:12 PM ]
Use rclone, copy the entire drive D including sub-dirs to ACD

rclone.exe -c --log-file=test.log -v copy D:/ remote:wasabi/d

nohup rclone -c -v --no-check-certificate --log-file=/garlic/logwatch/pepper_acd.log --retries 33 --contimeout 33m copy /backup/pepper  remote:pepper &

other useful options:

--retries <default 3>
--contimeout <default 1m>
--timeout <default 5m> this is for IO idle timeout
--config string                  Config file. (default "~/.rclone.conf")
--no-check-certificate           Do not verify the server SSL certificate. Insecure.

Can I copy the config from one machine to another

Sure! Rclone stores all of its config in a single file. If you want to find this file, the simplest way is to run rclone -h and look at the help for the --config flag which will tell you where it is. Eg,

$ rclone -h
Sync files and directories to and from local and remote object stores - v1.18.
      --bwlimit=0: Bandwidth limit in kBytes/s, or use suffix k|M|G
      --checkers=8: Number of checkers to run in parallel.
  -c, --checksum=false: Skip based on checksum & size, not mod-time & size
      --config="/home/user/.rclone.conf": Config file.

So in this config the config file can be found in /home/user/.rclone.conf.

On Windows, it's C:\Users\user\.rclone.conf

Just copy that to the equivalent place in the destination (run rclone -h above again on the destination machine if not sure).