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GPU Performance Tweak, GPU Boost

posted Dec 28, 2015, 2:49 PM by Danny Xu   [ updated Dec 28, 2015, 2:58 PM ]
Warning: Tweaking GPU Boost may be more than its worth because setting higher mclk/pclk will increase GPU temp and stability, triggering auto-throttle and resulting in lower performance. We are not doing this the the lab currently.


Performance State The current performance state for the GPU. States range from P0 (maximum performance) to P12 (minimum performance).

Before you can change the application clocks you need to put the GPU in Persistence Mode and query the  available application clock rates.

sudo nvidia-smi -pm ENABLED -i 0
To avoid trouble in multi-user environments, changing application clocks requires administrative privileges. However, a system administrator can relax this requirement to allow non-admin users to change application clocks by setting the application clock permissions to UNRESTRICTED using the -acp (“application clock permissions”) option to nvidia-smi.

sudo nvidia-smi -acp UNRESTRICTED -i 0

display the current application clock setting

-smi -q -i 0 -d CLOCK

then query the supported application clocks with the display option (-d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS).

nvidia-smi  -q -i 0 -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS

Please note that the supported graphics clock rates are tied to a specific memory clock rate so when setting application clocks you must set both the memory clock and the graphics clock. Do this using the -ac command line option.
sudo nvidia-smi -ac 3004,875 -i 0

Resetting the default is possible with the -rac (“reset application clocks) option.

sudo nvidia-smi -rac -i 0