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OpenSUSE repositories for SLES 11 SP1 and SLES 12 SP1

posted Jan 28, 2011, 11:26 AM by Danny Xu   [ updated Jan 8, 2018, 4:50 PM ]


For new Linux and openSUSE users it is recommended to use the 4 default repositories (OSS, Non-OSS, Update, Update-Non-OSS) and Packman. Later on when you familiarize yourself with package management you can add more

We added OpenSUSE 11.2 repositories  (Contrib repository is deprecated!)

If you are a user, rest assured that the vast majority of these packages is now integrated in the main repository of openSUSE. Some of them are available on the build service and you can find them using the [ software search].

Make sure to choose 11.2 repo not sles11_sp1 repo!

There is RSA key error when installing packages from PACKMAN.

Solution: Caylor hacked the rpm command to add “--nosignature”

see /bin/rpm on garlic

#! /bin/bash
cmd=${cmd/--dbpath \/var\/lib\/rpm /}
cmd=${cmd/SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-11-SP1 11.1.1-1.152/SUSE-Linux-Enterprise-Server-11-SP111.1.1-1.152}
echo "`date`: $cmd" >> /tmp/rpm.log
exec /bin/rpm.old --nosignature  $cmd

So, we need to have this rpm hack script installed on all Linux computers that need PACKMAN.

Since openSUSE 12.1, contrib is deprecated.

Contrib was the universal openSUSE repository for third-party packages.

Packman Migration Annoucement

Packman Mirrors (TW mirror does not have MD5 key issue)

SUSE Kernel Version:

x86_64 packages to install:

logwatch, gcc-fortran (this will update gcc), f2c, g2c, gcc-c++, blas, libblas, lapack, liblapack, ffmpeg, ImageMagick, xmgrace, gnuplot, flash-player, flex, sun-plugin, termcap, gperf, bison, clisp, octave, gimp, inkscape, libiso9660, libudev0, zlib-devel bzip2-devel  libXt-devel libXext-devel libXdmcp-devel (may have to break dependency), gcc33-fortran (for pdb2pqr)

mplayer, needs, but is installed by ffmpeg, just go to /usr/lib64
cp -s

vlc, needs, just go to /usr/lib64
cp -s

opera and chrome

yast2 -i  *.rpm

Enable sudo
root: vi /etc/sudoer and add
username    ALL=(ALL) ALL
comment out
#Defaults targetpw



Use OpenSUSE 13.1 repos:

the above will allow installation of apps like xmgrace, ImageMagik etc.

For apps like ffmpeg, mplayer, vlc etc, use Packman