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Running Office 2007 on Linux Using Wine

posted Mar 15, 2011, 1:57 PM by Danny Xu   [ updated Mar 15, 2011, 4:25 PM ]
From what I read, Office 2010 is not working properly yet at this point, but Office 2007 (Office12) is.

From SUSE repository obtained from, Wine-1.3.15 is installed

The following has been done and only needed once!
Mount the Office 2009 iso and do

wine setup.exe

Follow this article to change winecfg and riched20.dll to "native to Windows":

After installing SP2, go to the installation folder and click WINWORD.EXE to finish SP2 configuration and updates. Then everything works well including SP2, Visio SP2 and PDF plug-in.

Setup steps for multiple users:

1. cp -pr /home/apps/wine/.wine ~
2. cd ~/.wine/drive_c/users
3. mv root "user_name"
4. rm Desktop My\ Documents My\ Music My\ Pictures My\ Videos
5. ln -s ~/Desktop .
6. Right click taskbar -> Add to Panel -> Custom Launcher ->

wine /home/apps/wine/Office2007/Office12/WINWORD.EXE
wine /home/apps/wine/Office2007/Office12/EXCEL.EXE
wine /home/apps/wine/Office2007/Office12/POWERPNT.EXE
wine /home/apps/wine/Office2007/Office12/VISIO.EXE