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Windows NFS Share over Samba Server

posted Sep 22, 2011, 5:17 PM by Danny Xu
by Matthew Caylor

I got it working and it seems to have the correct permissions. (IE, I can edit my own files, see yours, but not edit yours.)  You need to run a few commands on savor as root to add or remove some one to the samba database.

I pulled this clip from

Permission to Access Suse/openSUSE Default Shares:
All of the shares discussed here require that the file server where
they reside has users added to the Samba user database. You can only
add users into the Samba user database if they already exist as Linux
users on the server.

To check who's already in the database, run this terminal command:

sudo pdbedit -L

To add members. e.g. william, issue this command in a terminal:

sudo smbpasswd -a william

To remove members. e.g. william, issue this command:

sudo smbpasswd -x william

When you add a user to the samba database, it prompts you for a password. I suggest waiting for the person to be in the lab to enter the password they want. I don't think the password for the samba log in has to be the same as your user password though.